Linux Basics Explained Simply

Linux is a completely free, and open source operating system. The Linux Project was started back in 1991. The Linux operating system is so much more versatile than the others that it runs on more devices than any other.

Why I Am Leaving Twitter For Mastodon

Mastodon is a free and open-source self-hosted social networking service. Mastodon is one of the most exciting things I have learned about recently. Even though the service has been up since March of 2016, I had no idea it existed!

Solus OS 4.0 Fortitude Review

I love Solus Budgie the desktop is amazing. The way it handles the notification tray is awesome. It’s consistent theming and compatibility make it fun and pleasing to use. I don’t think you need to get too detailed with it. It’s a great distro and desktop.

About Me

I am just your regular laid back guy from Middle Tennessee. I have always dabbled with Linux. However, recently I have fallen in love and am trying to expand my knowledge with Linux to hopefully be able to find a career in it.

Why I Love My BRIX

The Gigabyte BRIX if you don’t know is a compact or mini pc. They come barebones and the one I have is a low-end model from a couple/few years ago.

Raspberry Pi 4 = Linux Desktop PC?

With the new release of a Raspberry Pi, the more dream-filled of us come out of the woodwork. Always hoping that a tiny singleboard computer can replace their desktop computer.