How To Install Discord on Solus OS

So one thing that I always forget when doing the initial setup of a new Linux Distro… Discord! Every single time! After a day or so I am like, “I know I’m forgetting something…”

So if your like me and need a refresher, I got you.

Discord on Solus OS Budgie

So there are a few different methods to install Discord on Solus. We’ll go over the methods and end on which one is the best, in my humble opinion.

Install Discord Using The Package Manager On Solus

Just copy/paste these into your terminal.

sudo eopkg -y install discord

Then run discord

After you copy/paste and run the first command. Make sure to run the second command right after!

That simple and just like that you have Discord installed on Solus OS.

This is a perfect example of how simple and approachable the terminal is. For some reason the general public has this fear of the terminal. While you can break stuff with the terminal, as long as you don’t just randomly enter commands or are properly following a guide – this will NEVER happen.

Install Discord From Snap

Snaps are the new comer to how to install packages in Linux. Programs packaged using snap are more secure and easier to install. They are also updated on a daily basis!

Snaps are not just available on Ubuntu. They are also available on Arch, Fedora, and of course Solus OS.

Installing / Enabling Snaps On Solus

*This is only if your running an older version of Solus! Solus 3 and up support snaps out-of-the-box.*

sudo eopkg up

sudo eopkg install snapd

Then, reboot

sudo reboot

Now let’s install Discord,

snap install discord

Literally just like that Discord is on your computer, easy peasy!

Install Discord From Source

First off let me explain installing from source.

All programs or software, are also called source packages. Source packages need to be built first, to run on your system.

A Binary Package Is…

An archive file that contains all files and directories that must be installed in order to make a working installation of the program(s) included in the package, and the maintainer scripts necessary for the installation. A binary package is usually specific to a certain platform, in contrast to a source package.


For installing from source packages, you will have to build the source code yourself.

To Install Discord From Source

First off, make sure to get the required dependencies. The dependencies you need will vary depending on the distro you are using. Yet, no matter what you will definitely need libnotify & libc++ installed.

sudo eopkg -y install libnotify libc++

Download the .tar.gz archive and unpack it.

tar -xzf [path to Discord archive]

Move the Discord icon to /usr/share/pixmaps

Move the Discord.desktop file to /usr/share/applications – this will add Discord to most desktop environments.

Move the Discord application folder to /usr/share/discord


After doing that you should have Discord installed and be able to find it in the app launcher. This is a very complicated way to do something that has been made simple with a couple of methods.

Although there are a few reasons as to why you might want to install something from source.

What Method Do I Recommend?

Well, let’s start off with what I don’t recommend. I would stay away from installing from source unless for some reason the other methods won’t work. Your more likely to run into issues or even mess it up yourself.

I recommend using snaps where available. Even though I am not a big fan of Canonical and what they do. However, with snaps and popularizing Linux… They have out done themselves.


Ubuntu is one of those confusing enigmas. An open source company that collects ad information and/or serves ads inside the desktop environment. That is just crazy to me!

Like honestly I recommend learning or introducing yourself to Linux with Ubuntu. However, as soon as you feel even the slightest bit comfortable… Get out of there! Build your Linux knowledge off of Ubuntu, like a foundation, don’t just stay there.

You will also learn more than you ever thought possible if you try out a few Linux distros. Not to mention this is the best way to figure out what distro best suits your workflow! I recommend trying out Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Solus, then if you want a challenge try out Arch.


So yeah either install using snap or just install using the package manager. Snaps are just typically more stable and secure. As well as with Solus it’s just so easy!

Also you might be able to install Discord through the software center. I couldn’t find it though.

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