Why I Love My BRIX

The Gigabyte BRIX if you don’t know is a compact or mini pc. They come barebones and the one I have is a low-end model from a couple/few years ago.

This was originally bought for my grandmother as her new computer. Although not too long ago she said she wanted a faster laptop. We got her one and she gave this back to me. As I was in between computers I thought I could use it to do some basic tasks here and there.

When I first got it home I immediately put a fresh install of Windows 10 on it. Good lord was I horrified. At the time the PC only had 4GB of RAM. Winders in all its infinite retardation thought it deserved 2.4 of that. WITH NOTHING OPEN! Instantly knew that wasn’t gonna do.

So I decided to put Linux on it. I knew it would run faster and take up less RAM. I had used plenty of distros before, but had never tried Arch before. So fixed me a cup of coffee (like any good tech person does) and entered the rabbit hole. I am so glad I did though I learned so much about the Linux filesystem, window managers, Xorg, config files, etc.

Not to mention because of some of the things I wanted to do in my install of Arch, I learned Python in under a DAY!

So I was running the i3 window manager with a solarized theme. The bumble-bee status bar, a nice compton transparency that had even Firefox at an 80% opacity. It was really sick and looked crazy cool. Still though it barely ate up 400-600MB of RAM.

Sadly though, within a week I realized even though I liked i3 it just didn’t mach my workflow. Also gaming on Arch or at least my install of it was not great. Not saying that this thing should be great at it, but gaming was just off limits.

Now I am happily running Solus OS. I can’t recommend it enough. For those coming from Windows it has some similarities so it isn’t completely foreign. As well as I can even game on this BRIX now. Mostly CS:GO, but hey it does it!

So I am really enjoying my setup with this computer. Having the low resource overhead makes me think and also lets me know if my game can run on low-end hardware. (Which I definitely want, I would like anyone who wants to play my game to be able to. Regardless of hardware. Also just in case your wondering my game will be free!)

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