Solus OS 4.0 Fortitude Review

Alright so this is going to be my review of Solus Budgie here in August of 2019. To be honest there is probably, no definitely, a lot that I don’t know going on with Solus. However, with what I do know.

It is a fantastic gaming distro. I know at least in my case the performance has been rock solid. As well as ease of use.

The Budgie desktop has changed quite a bit since the last time I had seen it. It now looks more Windows-esk. Which I am not saying is necessarily a bad thing. Just makes it easier to transition for those completely new to Linux.

The Software Center

Solus has outdone themselves with this software center compared to other distros. For one it is much more stable than others that I have used. As well as with everything that they have and the Third Party section it will most likely have everything you need in one spot!

The Short & Sweet Version

I love Solus Budgie the desktop is amazing. The way it handles the notification tray is awesome. It’s consistent theming and compatibility make it fun and pleasing to use.

So I know nothing too specific here. But, I don’t think you need to get too detailed with it. It’s a great distro and desktop. Budgie is fantastic looking without being resource hungry.

Check it out here!

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